Algebra I (27.0610)

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Teacher:  Zohra Gutierrez




Using a worktext and online tutorial videos developed by Derek Owens, this course will cover the topics typically included in a first-year course in high school algebra.  Algebra 1 is normally taken by students in grade eight or nine. Students should have completed a course in Pre-algebra or its equivalent before enrolling in Algebra 1.

Each week the instructor will spend time pre-teaching material for the week, reviewing homework assignments, and troubleshooting areas of difficulty. Students will have access to online video tutorials to round out in-class instruction.


Students will need the Algebra 1 Student Workbooks developed by Derek Owens. For more information on the class and the curriculum, please visit


  • Tuition
    $90/month (8 payments - September-April; classes run late August through early May); textbook and technology costs as listed
  • Registration Fee
    $50 for the school year (due at registration) - covers copy costs, lab supplies, etc.
  • Administrative Fee
    $150/semester ($300/year) will be assessed each student to cover VPE rent, utilities, internet, licenses, insurance and many other costs.  This is a per student fee, not a per class fee.


  • Prerequisite: successful completion of Pre-Algebra or its equivalent.
  • Grades: 8-9*
  • Technology Requirements: Students will need to supply an inexpensive scientific calculator of their choice. Students will also need a computer and printer at home to access instructional material and video tutorials.

*Students who take this course in 8th grade must also complete four (4) math classes in high school, or the equivalent of one (1) high school math course each year in grades 9-12.