AP English Literature and Composition (23.0650)

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Teacher: Paula Horne


The Advanced Placement Literature and Composition course requires students to examine challenging literary works, closely. Exploring readings from a variety of time periods, we will consider how an author creates meaning and engages readers through the use of devices such as structure, symbolism, imagery, and tone. The course follows the curricular requirements described in the College Board's AP Course Description.


Students will:

  • expand vocabulary as used in writing; this includes apt word choice and critical analysis terminology
  • read critically various literary genres (poetry, drama, and prose) from the sixteenth century to the twenty-first century and understand the works' complexities and richness of meaning
  • analyze selected works in regard to tone, structure, content, figurative  language, theme, point of view, and style
  • consider how the historical and social context reflects and affects a work's meaning
  • write critical analyses of literature including expository, analytical, and argumentative essays - Students will use appropriate literary terminology in these analyses.
  • write with increased grace and style, following the conventions of standard written English
  • prepare a writing portfolio that includes both responses to literature and personal writing
  • prepare and write an interpretative literary research paper on a novel using criticism as the basis The paper must follow accepted MLA procedures.
  • be prepared to take the English Literature and Composition Advanced Placement Exam, if they so desire, in May 2022.


  • TBD


This AP English Literature and Composition course extension is open to students who are also enrolled in the English Literature and Composition for High School course. AP students should be a junior or senior high school student or possess the reading and writing proficiency appropriate for this level class (to be determined by instructor).


  • Tuition
    $40/month (8 payments - September-April; this class will meet early September through early May)
  • Registration Fee
    $50 for the year (non-refundable) due at Registration
  • Administrative Fee
    $150/semester ($300/year) will be assessed each student to cover VPE rent, utilities, internet, licenses, insurance and many other costs.  This is a per student fee, not a per class fee.


Summer assignments are required for this course and will be emailed to registered students approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of class.