English Literature & Composition for High School (23.0610; 23.0620)

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Teacher: Paula Horne



This English Literature and Composition course is designed to meet the needs of a high school student.  We will be reading a selection of books, poetry, short stories from different periods and authors.  As a class we will discuss and analyze the works we read for specific literary styles and techniques.  In addition, students will be writing extensively in this class and perfect their writing abilities.  We will also work with increasing vocabulary throughout the year.


The teacher supplies textbooks and other classroom materials for the class. These are purchased at the best possible value. Students are encouraged to keep their books at the end of each semester to start building their own personal library.

All Literature books are chosen from the Georgia Department of Education list of books for high school graduation and college-bound students. Great consideration is taken when making choices for my students.


  • Tuition
    $90/month (8 payments - September-April; classes run late August through early May)
  • Registration Fee
    $75 non-refundable Registration Fee is due upon registration