Literary Book Club (6-9)

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Teacher: Paula Horne


The Literary Book Club is designed to be an immersive and fun way for students in grades 6-9 to read works of literature that they enjoy.  They will choose their books from a pre-selected list before the school year begins and they will read a new book every five to six weeks.  Club activities will included worksheets, culinary treats, interdisciplinary projects (such as art, science, etc.), mapping, reports, and other creative tools to help them to fully experience their literature as they learn.


Through this club, students will:

  • expand their vocabulary
  • experience richness of meaning in their reading
  • learn to analyze selected works in regard to tone, structure, content, figurative language, theme, point of view, and style
  • consider how the historical, social, and geographic context reflects and affects a work's meaning
  • hopefully find enjoyment in reading


  • Students will select books for the group from a pre-selected list to be published by early August.


  • Tuition
    $68/month (8 payments - September-April; classes run late August through early May)
  • Registration Fee
    $75 for the year (non-refundable) due at Registration
  • Administrative Fee
    $150/semester ($300/year) will be assessed each student to cover VPE rent, utilities, internet, licenses, insurance and many other costs.  This is a per student fee, not a per class fee.