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Teacher: Trish Foster


This course will focus on the fundamentals of digital photography and those tools in ArcGIS that help map what we see on the ground or from above the ground.  Concepts in GIS used for constructing maps will be covered to educate students on how to work with data to convey scientific knowledge.  We will explore outdoor spaces through the different seasons.  Then through hands-on field and computer projects, students will gather information, capture images, and generate creative ways to display what they see and where it can be found. All throughout the different activities, we will work on what makes a successful photo and what does not.  Compact digital cameras, SLR digital cameras, and / or current-day smartphones are acceptable. Use of a computer will be important for ArcGIS mapping, photo storage and project work.


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  • Tuition
    $78 per month (8 payments - September-April; classes run late August through early May)
  • Registration Fee
    $100 for the school year due at registration, non-refundable.