Spanish II (60.0720)

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Teacher:  Clara Salemi


The purpose of this course is to reinforce the fundamental skills of the Spanish language that the student acquired in Spanish I. Students will be asked to make every attempt to communicate in Spanish during class. Course Objective Spanish II is designed to help students develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in Spanish, and to expose the student to the different cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. A wide variety of methods and techniques will be used to reach, motivate, and challenge each student.

The primary objective of my class is for you to not only learn Spanish well enough to be successful when going on to the next level but also to learn in a fun, relaxed environment and to develop an appreciation of the Spanish language and culture.

Brief Course Content:

Identify Spanish Speaking countries and their culture • Write simple compositions in Spanish • Read and comprehend Spanish level II passages • Practice correct grammar and syntax • Talk about the following topics Likes / dislikes Chores, Plans, Professions, Directions, Commands, Past events. Grammar: preterit of –er/-ir verbs, demonstrative adjectives, reflexive verbs, irregular yo verbs, pronouns after prepositions, irregular preterit verbs, preterit of ir and stem-changing verbs.  Preterit vs. Imperfect.


There will be no student textbook for this course.


  • Tuition
    $107/month for 8 months (September – April; classes run from late August through early May)
  • Registration Fee
    $100 for the school year (non-refundable) due at Registration


  • Each student will need the following supplies:
    • Required: 1” Binder (clear cover), dividers, hole-puncher, 4X6 index cards, pen and pencil, highlighter; notebook paper
    • Recommended: Spanish/English Dictionary
  • This class meets online once a week for 1.5 hours
  • When this class is taken by a student in 8th grade, it can count as one of the two required high school foreign language requirements if Spanish III is taken in the 9th grade