l-r: Envirothon Rep, Nadya Gutierrez, Joan Deitsch, Emma Alexander, John Deitsch, Brandon Waterfill

The NCF-Envirothon is an academic program and competition utilizing in-class curriculum and outdoor, hands-on field experiences to expand student knowledge and awareness about natural resources management and related environmental science/ecology issues.  The winner of the GA Envirothon event, held in April, advances to the annual international event held in the late summer against teams from the US states, Canada and China.

Vantage Point has had the privilege of representing Georgia the past four years at the international level.  These students have traveled to locations in the United States and Canada competing in unique ecosystems, immersed in one-in-a-lifetime experiences with their peers and top professionals in their fields.  Every year, each experience has shed light on the challenges in balancing our quality of life while maintaining sustainable natural resources.  Interested in participating in the Envirothon competition as a Vantage Point team member?  Contact Trish Foster at mywocket@bellsouth.net for more information.

The Envirothon experience is rewarding!  Participation in this event gets students thinking more about the outdoors, builds peer relationships, and creates community awareness.  It is also a great extension for students taking ecology, environmental science and other natural science courses.  It looks good on college and scholarship applications, introduces career paths, and teaches skills that carry them on in life.

Envirothon topics center around natural resources management and ecology, especially in the areas of soils/land use, aquatic ecology, forestry, wildlife, and current environmental issues.  Students work together in small teams exercising critical thinking, cooperative problem-solving, and decision-making skills on a variety of tasks that challenge them on paper and in the field.  To adequately prepare for Georgia’s event, interested students spend time studying on their own and as a team throughout the year.


I participated in the Envirothon competition in 2016, 2017, and 2018. I learned about sagebrush plains in Idaho, invasive wetland plants in Ontario, and dairy farms and fruit orchards in Maryland. But most of all, I learned about the wildlife, forests, streams, and soils of our beautiful home state of Georgia. The Envirothon was more than just learning, there was dinner on the shores of the Chesapeake, line dancing in an Idahoan barn, and many, many boxes of goldfish and fruit gummies. The knowledge and experiences that I gained from Envirothon have continued to influence me throughout my first two years of college.

~ John Deitsch, Junior at Cornell University (2020/21)

My time as an Envirothon competitor was wonderful. This competition opened my eyes to an entirely new realm of science. It gave me experience speaking with professionals such as foresters, farmers, and soil scientists. It significantly helped my public speaking skills and taught me to process lots of information being thrown at me in a competitive setting. Also, it is a great extra-curricular activity to put on a high school resume! 

~ Joan Deitsch, Freshman at the University of Notre Dame (2020/21)


VPE’s Envirothon Team (representing the State of Georgia) Placed 10th out of 50 teams from USA, Canada, and China at the NCF Envirothon Competition in Idaho, July 22-28, 2018!!!!!

The Vantage Point Education Envirothon Team continues to rank among the best teams in local, state, regional, national, and global competitions.


July 20, 2018 Georgia Wildlife Federation article features the VPE Envirothon Team.  Learn about some of our Envirothon Team’s activities to prepare for the competition and more about Envirothon.

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3rd Consecutive NCF Envirothon 

July 2018  Vantage Point Education’s First Place Envirothon Team will represent the State of Georgia for the 3rd consecutive year in the National Conservation Foundation North American Envirothon Competition (NCF Environthon) at Idaho State University, July 22-July 27, 2018.

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First Place 2018: Georgia State Envirothon Competition 

March 2018 The top 9 teams from around the state gathered at Hard Labor Creek State Park for a 2-day event on March 27 & 28.

First place, with top finishes in all 5 categories (Orals, Aquatic Ecology, Wildlife, Forestry and Soils & Land Use), went to Vantage Point Team 1.

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Ranked 8th out of 54 teams: North American Envirothon Competition

July 2017 Vantage Point Education High School Envirothon Team of five high school students represented the State of Georgia at the North American Envirothon Competition held July 23-29, 2017 at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

This is the second year the VPE Varsity team has represented the state at this event, competing with teams from the United States, Canada, and China.  Team members include Emma Alexander, Phillip Alexander, John Deitsch, Cooper Foster, and Nadya Gutierrez.

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